Trading & lending Mangofied

Trading & lending Mangofied

Completely permissionless.

DefiTrading Has Arrived Folks ….

No KYC, no personal information held, all data is on-chain. Trade spot margined markets and leveraged perpetual futures all cross-collateralized with up to 10x leverage.

Maximum capital efficiency.Every market is cross-collateralized. Mango’s risk engine let’s you utilize all your assets and derivative contracts as collateral.

Sub-second latency.Instant order execution at the price of less than a cent. Low latency allows market makers to post tight spreads on the books. Oh, and liquidations are instant as well, so watch your exposure.

The lowest fees.Trade with the lowest fee possible. SRM deposits are pooled for a collective discount. Mango is the first protocol to charge zero fees on margin borrowing & lending.

Spot & perpetual markets.Trade spot markets and derivitive assets all in one unified experience. Spot margin with up to 5x leverage, perpetuals futures with up to 10x.

More than an exchange.

Mango gives full control and tracking over assets right from the account hub. Earn interest on deposits and borrow against collateral all in one single place.

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