Tools & Utilities

Superior Defi Tools

DeBank is a dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio, with data and analytics for decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms and DEXes. Click Here

DeFi Token Charting for Non Exchange Listed Tokens. This is an Example of ACME/AVAX charts. You can look up a few things such as ACME/USDT also. Click Here

You can now bridge your assets from the ETH mainnet over to the Avalanche C-Chain, P-Chain & X-Chain. Click Here if you Have Assets to Bridge.

Instead of visiting multiple DEXs such as hopping over to TraderJoe, and Then Pangolin and SushiSwap to see who has the best price. Use Matcha to Search ALL DEX coin swaps easily for the best price. Yes of course there be a fee for this service. Click Here